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We make use of Unconventional/ Interactive /Disruptive/low budget guerilla marketing incentives to;

  • Communicate your added value
  • Benefits of your product & services
  • Build strong relationships
  • Solidify partnership
  • Drive profit

What is the relationship between your business and your customers?
We make use of Unconventional/ Interactive /Disruptive/low budget guerilla marketing incentives to;

Our guerrilla marketing approach

Step 1: The Question

 “How do we build awareness with prospective & existing customers through a Guerrilla Marketing Campaign?

How will we excite and educate them on the product?”

These questions are key, they form the backbone and underpin all of different puzzles that form the campaign; we ensure the same message is communicated throughout the entire project saving time and budget.

Step 2: Goals  

While Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns are fun they need to be outcome driven. The objectives need to be specific, measurable, accurate, reliable and timely!

Not only do these marketing objectives need to fit the Guerrilla Marketing Campaign, but they also need to reflect and echo the overall business goals.

Throughout the guerrilla marketing campaign, these goals will be tracked, evaluated, measured and managed.

Step 3: Situation Analysis

Understanding what kind of environment your business operates in is super vital!

In order to create the element of surprise on our core audience,

  • We conduct thorough research on the current situation and trends in the market, as well as understanding what your competitors are doing

Step 4: Define the Consumer

Now that you have analysed the situation, it is time to define the target market, the people who you want to target with your Guerrilla Marketing Campaign.

Identifying your target market, as well as the current target market and how your business acquired them will give us a more concise and clear process to follow.

Allowing us formulate a winning strategy including locations to activate, creative design to capture your customer’s attention and gain maximum impact

Step 5: Positioning

With Positioning we clearly portray your brand and clarify your brand’s attributes. Brand perception kicks in after previous steps have been observed

Step 6: Execution

After all the planning is done, it is time for execution!

Our team gets into shoes of the target market & customers to have a feel of the upcoming campaign. See where the possible downfalls are and evaluate whether or not they can be changed in order to minimize risk. What precautions need to be taken in order to not violate any laws and legislations as well as look after the community?

Let’s go!

Step 7: Results

Collecting all the data after the campaign aids in identifying which kind of customers were most responsive and participative. Identifying the number of consumers reached as well as new consumers are won over during that process.

Step 8: Invest for the Future

Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns are an investment for your brand and product, they need to continuously echo the brand message, communicating the brand identity and raising awareness of the brand.

We are ready for the next!